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Like the European Union’s Green Deal, the embattled Bipartisan Infrastructure Package contains plenty of opportunities for new public-private partnerships in everything from clean energy to transportation to broadband and cybersecurity. It leaves the door open, as well, for “asset recycling”—privatizing public assets in exchange for quick cash to pay for other investments. “One of the most important investments for long-term investors is infrastructure,” Fink told a panel in June. “We have hundreds of billions of dollars in interest to invest in infrastructure. Our biggest difficult is not capital. Our biggest difficulty is finding the appropriate investments.” And they’d like the U.S. to pass an infrastructure plan that helps with that. The company has increasingly emphasized its $63 billion real assets division as a source of growth. Its muscular and secretive private equity arm could benefit from investment opportunities created by public spending on climate infrastructure, both here and abroad. In April, BlackRock Renewable Power announced it had raised $4.8 billion to invest in “global climate infrastructure assets”—including energy storage and distribution and electrified transport—across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, having secured the commitments of some 100 institutional investors. In June, the company announced it had raised $1.67 billion for its Global Infrastructure Debt Fund “ targeting returns in mid to high single digits,” per Infrastructure Investor. Last month, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink pitched the idea that the World Bank and International Monetary Fund essentially transform into insurance companies protecting private investors against the risks of investing in a green energy boom. As economist Daniela Gabor has explained , this model amounts to asking the public sector to shoulder the risks of new climate finance while private investors collect the reward, all the while transforming what are or could be truly public infrastructure into stably return-generating assets. “For BlackRock it’s the dream situation. You get a guaranteed investment in what will be one of the only rapidly growing areas of the economy in the coming years,” Bueller said of Fink’s crusade to have governments de-risk green investments. “They can present low risk but also maximize on growth.” At the same time, they can move public assets into private hands and collect the returns. It’s not that surprising that current political developments are looking good for BlackRock. Through aggressive lobbying, the company won its fight in the U.S. not to be designated a Systemically Important Financial Institution—a post–financial crisis designation for big banks that subjects them to increased regulation—and recruited a stable of Obama administration alums who have now made their way back through the revolving door.

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>£100k fine after worker suffers chemical burns £100k fine after worker suffers chemical burns GRANVILLE OIL & Chemical Company Ltd has been sentenced for safety breaches after a worker suffered chemical burns to both arms and one leg. Sheffield Magistrates’ Court heard that on  27 September 2016, a worker was involved in a spillage incident when visit our website tasked with making engine degreaser at plant in Rotherham. The water-based product is made by blending Ultra-Concentrate with water. The worker used a forklift truck to lift a container carrying 1,000 litres of Ultra-Concentrate in order to decant 250 litres of concentrate into three containers on the ground, each of which contained 750 litres of water. The company had specifically manufactured a rigid metal pipe to transfer the concentrate from one container to another. As he drove the forklift truck into position, the forks of the truck suddenly dropped one or two feet. This caused the metal transfer pipe to hit the ground and break. Ultra-Concentrate began to cascade out of the container. Having exited the cab of the forklift truck, the worker put his hand over the damaged valve to try and stem the flow. A large pool of concentrate had already formed on the ground and stood in it to reach the valve. The worker suffered chemical burns to both arms and one leg which required hospital treatment. An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found the worker had no eye protection and his clothes were soaked in Ultra-Concentrate. He wore only safety boots, a high visibility waist coat and a pair of latex gloves. HSE found that there was no drench shower on site and workers were given no assistance or instructions to change from clothing or wash properly in the event of contact with harmful substances. Granville Oil & Chemical Company Ltd of Goldthorpe Industrial estate Rotherham South Yorkshire pleaded guilty to breaching Section 2 (1) of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974. The company was fined £100,000 and ordered to pay £9,928.60 in costs. After the hearing HSE inspector, David Coackley, commented: “The company had no systems in place for dealing with spillages and was not properly equipped to deal with the consequences of employees being contaminated with substances which might be harmful to their health. “This incident could so easily have been avoided by simply carrying out correct control measures and safe working practices.”
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